Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the fourth-largest crypto network with market capitalization, will halve in April. Yes, like its big brother, the Bitcoin fork cryptocurrency tax will be reduced by giving it 50% to miners, up from 12.5 BCH ($ 4,073) and 6.25 BCH.
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But according to a variety of industry players, the decline in Bitcoin Cash may not have much impact on its price. Still, changes to Bitcoin Cash’s hashtags may have changed, or the computational power of the network stalled ahead of Bitcoin, while the potential ‘developer tax’ debate could increase the long-term economic impact of halving.
“Mute Markets”
Will Bitcoin Cash Half Be Discounted, or Will It Be Soon?

Bitcoin Cash developer Jonathan Toomim told that predicting cryptocurrency’s expected price movement is a foolish mistake.
Even with the rationality of markets, critical exchange analyst and author of In Math We Trust, Simon Dingle is fundamentally skeptical that the downturn could have a positive impact on the price of Bitcoin Cash.
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“The decline in supply has had a significant impact if there is a sustained or growing demand for the asset, and I can’t imagine BCH has none,” says Dingle.
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In an email to, Dingle describes Bitcoin Cash as “an interesting but otherwise obscure experiment on a scale of network scale that is still somehow proving itself.” It would be interesting if we found that the fat protocol was a way to scale the cryptocurrency, but all we know from network scientists suggests that it just won’t work. ”
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“Upcoming Split”
Other experts suspect that the decline will have a positive short-term impact on the price of Bitcoin Cash. At the same time, they worry that the recent disagreement by the developer over tax could nullify such an effect.
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