Specialized coffee cups – Where to find them

You need to first define the name of specialized coffee cups. Special coffee cups can be ceramic, metal or plastic and most are made in eight ounces, eleven ounces and eighteen ounces. They can come with a single design that shows the name or logo of the specific company, university, organization, or group. Ceramic cups made by a potter can have a special order not only with their unique design, but with their unique shape.

Ceramic specialty cups can be of a single type or a set. Pottery wheel cups that have been glazed and fired can be of simple design with a detailed hand-carved design. These lands are usually signed, numbered and dated by the potter at the bottom of the cup.

Pre-crafted white mugs can be turned into special mugs by adding all sorts of personal designs that make some sense to whoever asks for them. It can be personalized by adding images, sayings, your own artwork or drawings that make sense to the buyer of the cup or someone you will get as a gift. These types of specialized cups can be ordered for people in specific professions, such as teachers, bus drivers, or chiropractors who are involved in another specific activity such as a volleyball coach, a leader of a boys or girls club, or any other specific activity. And they can also indicate graduation year, birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, Eagle Scout awards and more, as well as seasonal greetings such as Christmas, Easter or designs for some other reason.

Specialized cups can be found in several places. Antique, novelty and second-hand shops offer all kinds of cups. Garage sales offered in homes and those offered by churches, community groups and organizations will often have special rates. Don’t forget the district fairs, shows and seasonal shows for boats or motorhomes. Even newspaper ads will offer sets of cups they have collected in the past and want to sell. In car, vehicle, truck and motorcycle repair shops, you can find special cups that fit into the car cup holder.

Websites may offer discontinued mugs from a company or companies, old company birthday tables, or designs that are no longer available. This may also be true for a school name or university that has changed its position to a university or its logo. In fact, no matter what specialty you may be interested in, they can be found online in the following categories: Coffee Mugs, Custom Mugs, Travel Mugs, Mugs with Your Print, Stainless Steel Mugs, Logo Mugs, Preprinted Mugs , Pottery cups and ceramic cups. They can range in price from less than $ 20 to about $ 200. It can be ordered for a single cup or for sets that have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or more. If you want to have a certain size, make sure you check it before you buy.

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