Organic in Vogue – Gift ideas for this festive season

Yuletide is here It’s time for gifts and presents for family and friends. Don’t have any gift ideas? Get the latest trends and organic gift products. It’s a new way to welcome the New Year, adding to your look to conserve nature and show that you care. If any of you are wondering what organic products consist of, here’s what organics look like: it’s natural (made with animated and inanimate things that occur naturally), it’s safe (it doesn’t use chemicals during production or product processing) and is biodegradable (it is environmentally friendly and decreases the carbon footprint).
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Here is a list of organic gifts to choose from:

Organic wear: Most of us don’t know how much we add to pollution each year by choosing to wear synthetic wear or use a lot of chemicals during processing and dyeing. And we create more problems to wash them with conventional detergents creating micro-plastics that wreak havoc on marine habitats according to a 2011 study.
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Organic or natural wear is done from organic farm cotton, hemp wool, and so on. Cotton is one of the pesticide sprayed crops in the world and you only need to use cotton, but it should be grown organically using natural pesticides like garlic + neem spray. Dyeing should be done with natural dyes as is done in traditional styles. Organic wear is now reaching the latest fashion trends for men, women and children.
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Spices: For someone who likes good food and likes to cook, the organic spice basket will be the right choice to give away. Organic spices are tastier than other varieties on the market. They add more value to any kitchen. The species are organically grown and processed using organic methods such as sun drying and natural wood smoke fumigation. The aroma of dishes prepared with organic spices makes anyone ask for more.
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Chocolate ham: What better way to share the sweetness than with chocolates. Organic gift chocolate, that is, one that uses organically grown ingredients such as coffee and cocoa, the milk of organically raised ground cows, that is, not genetically engineered and fed in closed cutlery, and processed using methods that do not pollute. Organic chocolate tastes better and transports you to a divine world of melting chocolate.
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Toys: The holiday season is the toy season for kids with everyone giving them different types of toys. Children can be toys with natural products such as wood, clay or bamboo dyed with natural dyes and paints. Young children can be gifted, as younger children tend to lick and feel toys. Organic toys are non-toxic and, once broken, are biodegradable.
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Drinks: Organic tea and coffee have many health benefits over conventional varieties. They are less addictive and have a better score on oxidants and are good for health. It also gives you a lighter feel. So, give someone a good New Year’s Eve.
Home furniture: Tune in and your home in the organic way. Friends gift and family organic home furnishings that are comfortable, modern and conscious for a better world tomorrow. Made from natural substances, some are made from recycled products that are beautiful and attractive in their new avatars. You can choose from a variety of attractive products such as pillows, rugs and mats, furniture, wall decor and more.
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Organic accessories: There are fashion accessories for all ages in the range of organic products. You can give away a purse of jute or banana thread, a yak wool belt and leather or vetiver shoes. Each of the above is unique in one way or another and makes a gift to remember.
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Yoga mats: Probably the best gift for a yoga practitioner or someone who has been drawn to the ancient science of yoga. Organic yoga mats are best suited for doing yoga as they are highly absorbent and easy to wash. Some types of yoga like Ashtanga yoga (Patanjali yoga) can cause profuse perspiration and organic mats are best suited for doing so.
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Organic jewelry: Organic jewelry has been a hit around the world. People are seeing wisdom in the jewelry styles of the ancients and tribal people. Their jewels proclaim their unity with nature. Made of metal, wood, feathers, beads, stones and lacquer, they are well crafted and steal the show. Buying this involves efforts in sustainable development in different parts of the world.
Cosmetic kit: It is about health and beauty combined in an organic cosmetic cosmetic. Creams and lotions are made from natural products. The lifespan of these may be shorter than others, but it is safer to use. And don’t use some of the heart tests on animals before it’s in stores.
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Organic art: For art lovers, you can give away pieces of organic art. It can be a painting on recycled paper or canvas, a piece of drifting art, a painted clay pot or a wooden stool embedded in stone. The list is endless and everyone is a joy to watch.
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Organic invitations: And finally, send invitations for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party in organic invitations. Organic paper or recycled paper is used for invitations. The print there uses organic dyes. These invitations are made in other natural things that like shells and recycled fabric like a parchment. They are different and it’s nice to get something different.
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So opt for a different gift this season. You can find something organic for any type of person. It awakens a new beginning to show that we care more about the planet where we live and that we hope to live for generations to come. We can give our children a healthier, safer and cleaner tomorrow with organic products. Buying them will also help communities to have a model of sustainable development where lifestyles and traditional customs are not lost for eternity.
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Are you ready for organic gifts? Tell Santa too.
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